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Good morning everyone!

Just a little short post today, because I wanted to share with you the anxiety tracker I have created for myself. I’ve been struggling with anxiety a little more than usual recently, and wanted to keep an eye on it so I can see what I need to work on. I made this simple tracker, and all I have to do is colour in the boxes!

Here’s an example of how to fill it in:

It has room to fill in:

The time you feel anxious (AM, PM, or LN for late at night aka those 2am worry sessions!)

Trigger – I’ll just put a little icon in here, for example college as above

Hours of sleep and quality of sleep – was your sleep disturbed, did you have nightmares?

Eating – are you eating the usual amount, or more/less?

Weather – again just an icon. Weather can have a big impact on mood for some people, so it will be interesting for me to track this

Where you alone?

Did you have a migraine? I suffer from these often, so again it will be good to keep track

Symptoms: shaking, heart racing, fatigue and so on

Did you stay in bed? I tend to hide when I’m anxious so I want to keep track so I can challenge this!

Resolution – did you resolve the issue in a healthy way (tick) or use avoidance or have a breakdown etc (cross)

And finally, did you go to college or work or take a day off? A simple Y/N box



I’m hoping this will help me understand my increased anxiety a little more and begin to manage it. I hope it can help you too!

You can get through this!

Love and hugs,


Hi! I'm Chloe, I'm 19, and I live in Northern Ireland. I have two dogs called Jodie and Daisy, a wonderful boyfriend called Adam, and I love cooking, baking, travelling and vintage shopping! Welcome :)
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