Tour Of My Tiny Bedroom


I didn’t post on Wednesday because I’ve been simply flat-out with college! But I’ll hopefully be back on track next week.

The lovely people of twitter requested a tour of my bedroom for my next post (find me on twitter here), so without further ado, here we have it: A Tour of my Tiny Bedroom.

Here it is! Yes, it really is that tiny! Unfortunately I’m the younger sibling so I got the small room, cry for me. Regardless, I was determined to fit this UTTERLY GORGEOUS hand painted vanity table in. I have a fold up chair so it can double up as a desk for school work and writing!


As you can already see, I’m a fan of little decorations! I’ll soon be adding a little tiny cabinet beside the table for books and the adorable Royal Dalton figures my Nanny left to me – I’ve always adored them. I also have a couple of super cute vintage shelves to put up.


I always always always have candles or incense burning – or both! Currently I have a cinnamon candle from Tesco and a Baked Apple candle from The Body Shop, and they’re both divine. The incense I picked up on my trip to London, from Camden Market, 10 sticks for £1 in all different scents! My heart-shaped stone was a Christmas present from Sass and Belle. 

These were an awesome investment from Groupon – fairy lights with clips/pegs for hanging up photos, or in my case, drawings etc! They were around £4, and I bought some for my boyfriend too.

Last but certainly not least: a little peek into my elephant obsession. I LOVE elephants, they’re my absolute favourite animal, and one day in an antique shop I spotted Mr Elephant in the middle there, HAD to have it, and from there my collection blossomed. Now every time I see a wooden elephant I have to make Adam drag me away kicking and screaming. But just look how cute! I also have one on my vanity and two little ones, one on my door stop, and a little string of them hanging from my curtain pole. Addiction? I like to call it “intense interest”.

So anyway, that’s my humble abode. Small and simple, but it’s cosy and it’s mine!

Have a lovely evening!


Hi! I'm Chloe, I'm 19, and I live in Northern Ireland. I have two dogs called Jodie and Daisy, a wonderful boyfriend called Adam, and I love cooking, baking, travelling and vintage shopping! Welcome :)
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