Belfast Culture Night 2017

Last night was Belfast’s ninth annual Culture Night, a night as the summer draws to a close celebrating the “cultural bounty” that Belfast has to offer. Events took place across the city from 1pm – 10pm, ranging from music, dance, art, sport, tours and talks, and loads of food! Of course, there was no way we could see everything, with over 300 free events across 150 locations, but I thought I’d mention just a few of the things we did. It was my first time attending the event, and I think I’ll be back next year!

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We had headed into Belfast for some lunch after taking my boyfriends car to the garage (we were in a crash a few weeks ago and the insurance company STILL haven’t got it all sorted, sigh.) We knew it was Culture Night and neither of us had been so we thought we’d have a dander round. We went to an all you can eat buffet called Cosmos, as we had heard so many people rave about it and despite passing it all the time we had never been. It was delicious! The place was done up really nicely, and was very minimalistic, yet posh in a way. My boyfriend was really anti buffets, but this place definitely changed his mind. There were plenty of vegetarian options, and dessert was included for only £7.99, but we were too full!

Photo taken from here.

Afterwards, we went to a few shops and grabbed a couple of bargains (including a top from Urban Outfitters for just £4!), before heading to see what events we could find. Our first stop was Tesco’s Taste Festival, which was happening from Friday to Sunday. They had demonstrations and prizes to be won, and of course, plenty of free samples! We even got some coupons on the way in! They had various different stalls sampling the finest local produce, from meats and cheeses, to crisps and wines, to baked goods and coffees. It was foodie heaven! We tried some gin, west coast cooler, and Magners new “outcider” which was a sweet cider. It was delicious, and I usually hate cider! We also sampled some sweet potato chips, and feta cheese pasta, and a few other goodies. I think this is a great way to get people to try new things and encourage them to buy local brands.

Next, we headed over to Bank Square, which had a small artisan market and live music. We had a look around and listened to a few songs before heading to City Hall. Here, we were able to go into the building and have a little tour. Again, despite living here all our lives,  something we hadn’t done before. It was interesting to see around, and see some of the stunning architecture of the building. Just before leaving we decided to go into the “reflection space”, to see what it was. Well, it just wouldn’t be us if something didn’t go wrong. So what do you know, Adam accidentally knocks into one of the exhibits and sets off an alarm! We nearly died, we expected about 20 policemen and security guards to come running in and take us away! In fact, one dude half heartedly dandered in and goes “don’t worry about it”, so I reckon this must happen quite a lot – he barely even touched it so it must be a pretty sensitive alarm. Either way, it’s safe to say we made a swift exit and wont be back anytime soon!

We did plenty of shopping as we went along, so by this stage we were pretty tired and our little feet were walked off us. There was plenty more we wanted to see, but most of it wasn’t until later on and we had arrived pretty early, so didn’t want to hang about waiting. We made the executive decision to head on home, and it’s a good thing we did, because we discovered there was a big chunk out of Adam’s tyre that needed changed ASAP, so we couldn’t have spent any more money!

City Hall

All in all I had a lovely day, and I’d definitely like to experience culture night again, but I think I’d rather go up at night, and take the train so we could have a few drinks.

Does your city have any similar events? Let me know below!



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