Treat Your Pet: Christmas Gift Guide!

Hi lovelies!

It’s time for the most important gift guide yet. THE FUR BABY GUIDE!!! We all love to spoil our pets, and Christmas should mean they get treated for all their cuddles and companionship just as much as us! I’ve compiled a list of 10 wonderful AFFORDABLE gifts for all of our little sidekicks, in whatever form they may come in. Let’s give our pets a Meowy Christmouse and a Pawsome New Year!  *awkward cough* *tumbleweed*

10 Christmas Gifts For Your Pets!

Self Heating Pet Bed, £7     This bed features a thermo-reflective fibre sheet, which retains your bets own body heat to warm the bed. Perfect for snuggling in front of the fire and completely safe! Plus, buy 2 for £11.99 (so only £5.99 each!) My naughty beagle jumps up on our glass table which is beside the radiator, because it heats up like an electric blanket – so she’d love this! *waits patiently for payday*




Bunty LED Dog Collar £2.99     Safety first! It’s super important to keep our fur babies safe on walks, especially with the dark winter nights. And at only £2.99 why wouldn’t you put one of these in their stocking!? There’s no price on our pups safety, but even if there was this is definitely affordable!



Bunty Slow Pet Feeder, £2.99-£3.49     Another anecdote about my beagle. Well, just the fact that she’s a fatty! She literally finishes a whole bowl of food within 60 seconds AND THEN LOOKS FOR MORE! She’s actually not physically fat but she definitely eats too quickly, and almost chokes herself every time. This is definitely going in her stocking! The grooves prevent your pup from taking a whole mouthful, so slows them down, helping to reduce bloating and vomiting (or choking!)




 Cat or Dog Lion Manes, £4.99     For both cats and dogs, especially Leos like me! Honestly what can I say about this other than ADORABLE! Please just buy this and send me pictures of your pets wearing it.




Spy Bird House, £5.00

Okay THIS is simply adorable! I love watching the birds in my garden, but they always disappear when I try to get close. This way, I can peek in on them! It sticks to your window with its all-weather suction cups, and would be a perfect gift for yourself, a nature lover, and the birds!





Pawsecco, £6.98 

Prosecco for you, pawsecco for your pet! The herbal infusions are made with 100% natural herbs, using Elderflower, Nettle, Ginseng & Lime Flower, perfect for your cat or dog to enjoy with their Christmas dinner!






Surprise Small Pet Parcel, £10

Save 40% and receive a box of surprises for your lil furries! These products are specially selected from a huge range of tasty treats, entertaining toys, hygiene products and more.






Personalised Dog Leads, £14 


These are so sweet, I got one for my dog Daisy as you can see on the left! They can be personalised with text such as your dog’s name and your phone number, and you can even add an image of your dog! Perfect for your dog or a gift for someone else! And with my discount code valid until February why wouldn’t you!?




Dreamies Selection Tin, £4.99  

Treat your kitten to 10 bags of dreams in this adorable reusable tin! With chicken, cheese, beef and salmon, every cat is sure to love these!








Cardboard Small Pet Castle, £12.99

Obviously our pets are all kings and queens. So of course they need a castle! Seriously, it would be rude not to. With no need for glue or tools this flat pack cardboard castle is the perfect gift for hours of entertainment – for both you and your pet!

PS PLEASE send me pics if you buy this. PLEASE.



So there you have it! 10 adorable gifts for your little fur babies! I’d love to see if you buy any of these (and also I just want pics of your pets, I may even share the cutest!) I hope you and your pets have a wonderful Christmas!

Lots of love and cuddles for your lil ones,



Hi! I'm Chloe, I'm 19, and I live in Northern Ireland. I have two dogs called Jodie and Daisy, a wonderful boyfriend called Adam, and I love cooking, baking, travelling and vintage shopping! Welcome :)
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