REVIEW: Home Wrecker By Jennifer Juan

Hi guys!

I was asked to take a look at Jennifer Juan’s latest anthology of poems entitled “Home Wrecker” and give it a review! After reading the eBook I have chosen a few of my favourite poems to mention.

I LOVED the dedication, “For the girl who bathes in honey and juniper berries, and the man who sighs at how long she takes in the bath, when she knows full well they have an appointment at the ballroom.” Something about that first quote is such a Romantic way to begin, the imagery of sweet honey juxtaposed with the tart, sharp juniper berry paints a very intriguing picture.


The first poem I wanted to mention is “Leave”. I think it’s something a lot of us can relate to.It’s three short stanzas are enough to invoke the pain of a loved one leaving, and how our love still continues afterwards.

“Virus” is a simple but effective 6 line poem. The sibilance delivers this poem effectively as it rolls off the tongue and lingers, much like the virus of “you”. I like that it’s short, but definitely not sweet.

Finally, I had to include “Dear God”. This one is my personal favourite I think, because I can relate to it so much. I think it would translate really well into spoken word. “I never wanted to be strong, I just wanted to be okay.” How many of us feel this exact same way? Juan has hit the nail on the head here. The last three lines are so true to many people who are struggling; they feel God is all they have, but they doubt his existence when going through so much pain.

Overall, this isn’t the usual type of poetry I like. It doesn’t have the technical overly poetic language and overuse of metaphors that I like, but that’s down to personal opinion. I enjoy anthologies where almost every single word hits me hard and resonates with me personally, which wasn’t the case for Home Wrecker. This is, to put it bluntly, real shit. Unvarnished, to the point. And credit where credit is due, sometimes that’s what we need.

What do you think of the poems I’ve included? And will you be giving her work a read? Let me know!


The above poetry is property of Jennifer Juan and not in any way written or edited by me. Taken from the book “Home Wrecker”.  Opinions are entirely my own.

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