Twilight Market

A little bit of History: St George’s Market is the last surviving Victorian covered market in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is a thriving market with 300 traders, crafters, musicians and foodies. Originally built between 1890 and 1896, St George’s Market was previously open air, and after Belfast was bombed during WWII in 1941, it was used as an emergency morgue for 255 of the 900 people killed.

St George’s Market was hosting its final Twilight Market of 2017, the  ‘Twinkling Winter’ market showcasing local produce and talent on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th November from 4pm – 11pm. My boyfriend Adam and I decided to go along as we had both been in Belfast, so we met up and headed to the market at around 4:30pm. Already, the place was packed. There were stalls everywhere filling the whole building. We barely knew where to begin!

We were starving as usual, so we decided our first port of call would be getting food. We walked around taking note of all the places that looked good and ultimately went for “Sarah’s World Fare”, a traveling vegan fast food market stall. Adam got a black bean cheezeburger, while I had chilli cheeze fries. They were DELICIOUS. And Sarah was lovely which made it even better! The place was so packed we couldn’t even get a seat, but we managed to find a table we could stand at.

Afterwards, we had a good look around. There were so many different stalls selling artwork, jewellery, clothing, gifts, baked goods, loose tea and coffee, fresh pesto, curry, liquor…

We walked around sampling the various food items on offer – everything was delicious. There was a lovely lady selling tubs of curry, and with my new found love of curry, how could I resist? We tried all of them (excluding the couple of non-veggie ones), and tried them again! We couldn’t get enough. In the end I picked up 3 tubs for £10, which is enough for 12 portions! I went for the balti, korma, and rogan josh! I whipped up the korma in no time on Wednesday with chickpeas, quorn pieces, mushrooms, and piccolo tomatoes, served over brown rice – delicious!

Of course, we couldn’t resist indulging in some dessert. I spied a Dutch Pancake stall, and if you’ve read about my trip to Camden Market, you’ll know I couldn’t resist. We got 12 dutch pancakes to share smothered in Nutella, and Adam got a “real hot chocolate” from another stall.

By this time, we were both tired; me from college and Adam from a music conference, as well as walking round the market. We headed towards the exit, but not before I spied some adorable elephants (you all know I’m obsessed) and just had to pick this quirky lil guy up for only £5! We left the still bustling market and headed home.

I thoroughly enjoyed wandering round the market, despite being kinda broke so not able to buy much. The food was amazing and it had a great atmosphere, as well as some amazing local talent and produce.

Have a lovely day!


Hi! I'm Chloe, I'm 19, and I live in Northern Ireland. I have two dogs called Jodie and Daisy, a wonderful boyfriend called Adam, and I love cooking, baking, travelling and vintage shopping! Welcome :)
  1. Wow, this marketplace looks amazing! Great food and a lot of history?!

    I’m insanely jealous of all the yummy pastries there!

    1. It was great! I had no idea about the history until I looked into it for this post, very interesting!

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