10 Fashion and Beauty Trends I Can’t Get Behind

Okay guys. I’m not the most fashionable person out there. I wear what makes me feel good, usually vintage/retro style clothing, probably picked up from a secondhand shop. But regardless, I wanted to share some fashion and beauty trends I just CAN’T get behind.

❀ Denim Boots: I just don’t get ’em. WHY? Why not just wear jeans?🤔 I honestly have nothing else to say, I simply don’t get them at all.

❀ Overlined Lips: Girls! Your natural lips are beautiful just the way they are! Maybe I’m biased, because I’ve been blessed with pretty good pouty lips, but all lips are kissable! To me, it’s really obvious when you’ve overlined them, and just looks like you’ve made a mishap with your lipliner. IDK.

❀ Bralettes as Tops: Okay, honestly, this can be well cute. I just can’t be part of it because, honestly, I’d be arrested for public indecency. I think fashion designers are kind of neglecting the Big Busted Ladies™, and creating so many super cropped or bralette tops. I WANT TO LOOK CUTE TOO. But unfortunately F’s don’t look cute in bralettes (or fit into them). Sigh.

❀ Earrings Bigger Than Your Face: You know, I’m aaallll about some oversized earrings. However, if your earrings are WEIGHING DOWN YOUR EARS or TOUCHING YOUR SHOULDERS, I think you’ve gone too far. My ears are only little, they can’t handle it.

❀ Sliders: Honestly, just boke (vomit if you aren’t from NI). I really can’t say anything nice about them. Maybe it’s because I don’t like feet. But I just don’t get it. It’s something your super-stylish-down-with-the-kids-creepy-great-uncle-John would wear. ‘Nuff said.

❀ Band Tees for Bands You Don’t Listen To: Band tees. Yes. Band tees for bands you’ve never listened to? No. Do you really listen to Nirvana? David Bowie? Guns N’ Roses? If the answer is no, don’t wear it. Rep your favourite bands instead. It’s just silly.

❀ Cropped, Short Sleeved, Or Cold Shoulder Jumpers: I agree they look cute, but I WANT TO BE WARM. If I’m wearing a big knitted jumper, it’s because it’s winter and I’m freezing and want to be cosy! Why should I neglect my tummy or my shoulders or my arms? LET THERE BE WARMTH FOR ALL.

❀  Impractically Long Nails: I love having pretty painted long nails. But if you can’t exist without risking poking your eye out or scratching yourself to bits, honey, they too long.

❀ Fake Freckles: Hold up. I swear people used to bully the freckly kid. Personally I think freckles are super cute, but I ain’t gonna draw them on my face. Why do people suddenly think they’re so desirable that theyr’e drawing or tattooing them on? I bet it’s the same ones who bullied that kid.

❀  Trainers: No, not all trainers. You know the type: big clumpy yeezy-esque ones. I just think they’re vile and I can’t even be nice about it. WHY would you subject your poor feet to these monstrosities? AHH.

Thinking about all of this is giving me palpitations. I need a cup of chai tea. So long for now!

✿ PS: Just as a side note, these are entirely my own opinions. If you like these styles, work it! You do you honey! It doesn’t matter what you wear, you’re beautiful just as you are ✿

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